Innovative technology for the compounding of patient-specific chemotherapy drugs



In the critical area of cancer care, healthcare providers are experiencing a growing pressure to improve patient safety and decrease operators’ risk, while increasing efficiently and containing costs.

The compounding of patient-specific chemotherapies in the hospital environment is a particularly challenging area, due to the following main factors:

  • high potential for adverse drug events, because of dosing inaccuracies related to the manual compounding process
  • possible medication errors, related to the incidental exchange of drugs or final containers
  • significant occupational risk for the clinical staff, due to the high toxicity of drugs to be manipulated
  • increasing cost of high specificity oncologic drugs

What is ChemoMaker+?

ChemoMaker+ is an innovative technology for the compounding of patient-specific chemotherapy drugs, solving the most of critical issues related to the manual preparation process usually adopted in hospitals.

ChemoMaker+ directly addresses these challenges in order to:

  • increase patient safety
  • lower operators’ risk of contamination
  • reduce operating costs optimizing the use of drugs
  • increasing accuracy.

ChemoMaker+ is a compact system, that can be easily placed in an existing Class II laminar flow hood. It does not require dedicated spaces or installation works.

Technical Informations

  • Sterility

    The system is based on a robotic unit, able to fully automatize the dosing process (i.e.: the transfer of drugs from vials to infusion bags). Patient doses, ready to be administered, are prepared in a sterile environment, and the compounding robot, is placed under a sterile laminar flow hood. A closed system prevents the contamination of the environment by toxic drugs.

  • The proper formulation is guaranteed by a real-time gravimetric control system able to ensure dosage accuracies up to 1%, more than one order of magnitude higher than the precision allowed by the European Pharmacopoeia in manual preparations.

  • ChemoMaker+ is wireless connected to a computer, which allows the operators of the hospital pharmacy to organize the preparation activity according to the prescriptions received from the oncology departments. All materials are identified by barcodes and RFID tags for maximum safety. Multiple automatic checks assure high accuracy and safety of the final product.

  • The drug is dosed directly into the final containers intended for administration (bags, syringes, elastomeric pumps), in order to avoid any subsequent manipulation, preventing contamination for healthcare professionals and patients.

The Process

  • Drugs and final containers are selected according to prescriptions

  • Drugs are identified by a double-check system: barcode and RFID

  • Infusion bags are associated to each patient-specific therapy

  • Drug vials and infusion bags are loaded on the compounder

  • ChemoMaker+ automatically compounds all medications

  • Identification labels containing all preparation data and barcode are automatically printed for each dose.

Advantages vs. manual compounding

Automated check and verification of the whole compounding cycle

No contamination risks for the pharmacy operators

High dosing accuracy, individually verified for each compounded dose

Human errors prevention, less risks for patients

Optimization of unused drugs waste, significant cost saving


Check out renderings of the final device along with the software user interface

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